Rebalance Chinese Medicine keeps your personal information safe. We take your privacy and security seriously. The server that we store personally identifiable information on is kept in a secure environment. We do not provide any third parties with your personal details unless absolutely required as part of the order fulfillment process (banks or courier companies for example) Your contact information and billing details are needed for Tea Total Ltd to create your account and to process and deliver your orders.


Rebalance Chinese Medicine does not store credit card information on our website or in our database. Your credit card details have the security offered by Flo2Cash using industry-standard 2048-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This prevents information from being intercepted and protects your credit card number when we store your order. Credit card details are sent directly to the bank via DPS Payment Express for processing. No actual card data is held or used by Rebalance Chinese Medicine.

If you have any queries about our Term and Conditions or any other matter please contact us