Community Acupuncture Clinic Hours

We welcome everyone to our Community Acupuncture clinic.

The hours for the community clinic are:

Sundays 4pm-5pm

Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Thursdays 8am-9:30am

Please note that all clinic hours are subject to change.

The hours for the Rebalance TCM clinic are:
Monday 12 pm-8 pm (Julia).
Tuesday 2 pm – 6:30 pm (Eve).
Wednesday 12 pm – 8 pm (Julia).
Thursday 9:30 am – 2 pm (Eve).
Saturday 9 am – 4 pm (Julia).
Sunday 2 pm – 4 pm (Eve).

Here at Rebalance Chinese Medicine we are passionate about making our treatments accessible to our community. This is why we are introducing community acupuncture sessions! You will have your treatment in a room with other people receiving acupuncture – this can significantly reduce the cost to you! We hope this service allows our patients to see us more regularly as we know how difficult it is to keep prioritising health with the rising cost of living. Our community acupuncture is available to returning patients only as the more public nature of the sessions means we cannot guarantee privacy for any consultation with us. Once you have completed an initial consultation with a Rebalance practitioner, you can access our community sessions and fill out an update form to let us know of any changes to your condition/s.

Further terms and conditions apply which will be provided to you before your first community acupuncture session.

For your community acupuncture session:

  • Please wear loose clothing – so that we can access arms, legs, wrists, hands, feet, ears.
  • Please be quiet and considerate when entering the room – The practitioner will take your pulse and look at your tongue and then insert needles.
  • A question form will be supplied on your appointment booking – please make sure that this is filled out prior to your appointment.
  • Private health insurance rebates are available to be claimed with this appointment as it is a follow up acupuncture session.

Community acupuncture is used widely in China – it enables us to provide you with continuing health care, at a reduced price for you, while still enabling the best care.

Chinese herbal medicine and supplements will still be on top of the acupuncture appointment.

Please note that community acupuncture will only include acupuncture – we are unable to use cupping / moxibustion during this session.

In order to maintain our time and schedules – please make sure that your community acupuncture form is filled in prior to your appointment.

Please arrive 10 mins prior to your appointment.

As this is express acupuncture / community acupuncture – there is limited chatting with your practitioner. All information needs to be filled out on your community acupuncture form prior to your appointment.

If you have any concerns or new issues and need to discuss these with us – we will organize a phone call to maintain your privacy.

If any new concerns or health issues pop up – and we need more time with you – we can organise a telehealth appointment or a longer return appointment – after which you can then head back to community acupuncture.

Community acupuncture is experienced alongside other clients – and is for 30 minutes.

This service offers you a fast express, low cost option for your treatments.

Please give us a call on 0412 789 772 to find out more.

We will be adding more services in the next few months.

COST (30 mins):

Return community acupuncture $45

Concession return community acupuncture $40

If you are short on time – you are also able to access our community acupuncture sessions!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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