Preparing the body, mind and spirit.

This first phase of treatment can last from 3 months to one year. It takes a full year for an egg to develop and a minimum of 3 months to impact egg quality and regulate the cycle. During this time both partners should have their reproductive health addressed. It’s a great time to assess hormone levels, nutrition, structural issues and any chronic health issues.

For those who have already had a baby there may be unresolved postpartum issues that will need to be treated. For those who are still breast feeding this is very important as it may prevent you from falling pregnant while breastfeeding.

When preparing to conceive, it is vitally important that we treat both partners, as it takes two to make a baby, and we want you to achieve your dream of holding your own little bundle of joy in your arms and taking them home. This begins, with first “tilling the soil”. I always refer to it this way – prior to a farmer planting his crops, he will always make sure that the soil has been turned, aired, fertilized and that it has vital nutrients in the soil so that it is capable of growing his crops and growing them in a capacity that they are healthy and produce a high yield.  The same can be said for ourselves with preparing to conceive – by first nurturing the soil, we then improve the quality of our eggs and our sperm, which will improve our chance of conception.

We need to give ourselves time to tend to our “garden” – being the uterus, uterine lining, fallopian tubes, and our ovaries and eggs for females.

For males – the testes, vas deferens, and penis and making sure that we the sperm are getting the correct nutrients, that “old” sperm is being released frequently and that everything is in good working condition.

This is why we recommend 3 months of treatment prior to trying to conceive as it gives us time to address any imbalances in the body, any hormone issues, reduce the effects of stress on the body, adjust any issues with your periods – this may mean regulating your cycle, or improving the uterine lining, or reducing period pain. We also look at the body holistically and can assist with improving sleep quality, diet and recommend any nutritional changes or advice on supplements. For males, we work on improving sperm motility, morphology and volume as well as addressing any other health concerns.

IVF discussion about how acupuncture can assist


Nurturing the feminine.

Preparing for conception, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery involves a shift toward nurturing the feminine. As a culture we are cut off from the cycles of the natural world. Here in the city we can’t see the stars, streetlights block the light of the moon, we groom the wild plants into manageable lawns. We suppress the normal functions of our reproductive system with hormonal contraceptives, and IUD’s. We rush and stress and overexercise to the point that our bodies put reproduction on the back burner. Our bodies are geared toward surviving rather than thriving. 

Many of us have high stress jobs that value achievement and goal setting. This approach can prove very frustrating when trying to become pregnant. Part of preconception planning involves a return to an awareness of our own physiology. It involves a re-connection to nature and ourselves. By learning to listen to our bodies we can return to a state a vibrant health through which conception comes naturally.

We will teach a natural way in which you can learn more about your body, including how to BBT chart, and we use this as well to assist with conception

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