Is Gua Sha the original at-home self-care routine? This all-natural ancient Chinese healing technique involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve the skin’s look and health. by using this tool – we increase microcirculation to the skin, remove toxins, increase blood flow and stimulate multiple acupressure points along the face.

Don’t let the term “scraping” fool you, though; it’s super gentle and more like a relaxing exfoliating treatment instead!

What is Gua Sha Actually Doing?

Gua Sha offers a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like pain and lack of circulation. How? The practice utilizes short and long strokes to stimulate the soft tissue, relax muscles, and increase blood flow in the face using a smooth-edged instrument known as a gua massage tool. Gua sha is meant to address stagnant energy or chi in the body that practitioners attribute to a slew of concerns. The movements help reduce puffiness and improve circulation by up to 400% while taking away toxins. Some people practice Gua Sha to help with conditions like headaches, tight jaws, or they use it as a unique and relaxing facial technique to promote glowing and healthy-looking skin. Gua Sha facial massages can look different depending on what your desired outcome is.

The movements help reduce puffiness and improve circulation by up to 400% while taking away toxins.”

Gua sha roller and Gua sha “scraper”

What are the Benefits?

Gua Sha tools are pressed on the face in gentle, upward strokes. Gua Sha facials stimulate the fascia, a thin casing of connective tissue that’s rich in collagen fibers. The practice helps release blockages in the facial muscles to promote optimal circulation, toxin release, and banish bloat. The lymphatic system is encouraged to flush out toxins from the face to help breathe new life into the skin. Some even consider it a viable (needle-free) alternative to Botox.

After a Gua Sha facial, most people notice a clear, more toned complexion. The skin feels recharged, and a glowy hue will soon emerge. After you relieve tension in the face, jaw, and neck muscles, you’ll notice a major improvement in your skin. When circulation increases and your chi is flowing well, you look and feel your best.

Gua Sha Basics 101 | What You Should Know:

Gua Sha isn’t harmful or dangerous, so you can practice as much as it feels right for you. Most experts say doing Gua Sha at least 3x a week is ideal for rendering the most benefits. For many, Gua Sha becomes second nature! Practicing is just as normal as brushing your teeth or washing your face.

If you’re unsure what it feels like, most Gua Sha users say it’s incredibly relaxing. If used properly, the Gua sha tool shouldn’t hurt. Always play around with the pressure and do what feels best for you. Your delicate facial skin will appreciate loving, gentle strokes. If your skin is irritated or sore, you may need to ease up on the pressure or take a break from using it altogether.

Not Everyone Will Benefit From Facial Gua Sha:

How to use a Gua Sha tool

Like any other cosmetic practice, Gua Sha may not be suitable for everyone. If you’ve recently received injected fillers or Botox, it’s best to wait until you get the “OK” from your doctor before implementing Gua Sha into your self-care routine to avoid moving the fillers.

Avoid Gua Sha facial massages over open lesions on the skin, pimples, and cystic acne. The rapid movement may irritate the infected area. Instead, you can keep your Gua Sha tool in the fridge and then place the flat side against the inflamed skin. The cooling and calming effect helps soothe irritated or angry skin.

Bonus Tips to Make the Most of your practice:

You can use either a Gua sha tool or a roller. The smaller roller is for the more delicate areas – such as the inner eye, the eyelid and eyebrow area. You can uuse the smaller roller to roll upwards along the top of the forehead, or the larger roller, depending on your face size. The larger roller area is good for the neck, jaw, cheeks and side of the face as well as the top of the forehead.

We’re here to help you look and feel your best, always. Use these tips below to get the most out of your practice and keep your tool in good condition.

We suggest sweeping each area a minimum of three times. For a longer practice, sweep over the same area 10 times (maximum).

Keep your tool almost flat to your skin (about 15 degrees) rather than having the edge of the tool at 90 degrees to your skin.

If your tool starts to drag or pull on your skin, add a little more oil for better slip.

Warm your gua sha tool slightly by rubbing it between your hands. This also greases the tool up a bit, so it doesn’t pull on your skin in the areas that didn’t receive as much oil.

Experiment with which side and shape of the tool best fit your face.

Maintain the tool with warm water and facial cleanser to prevent build up.

If you are time poor (like me with 2 kids and time is just of the essence – I use my Gia sha tool in the shower, first thing in the morning – no need for moisturizer or oil – just use the water as your lubricant – it works wonders! I do each pass 3 times and it takes me about a minute). I feel great as I know I have also done something for myself.

You can use a longer routine at night with a heavier face cream or night oil – this routine – you can do as above – but try for about 6 passes. Don’t worry if your face becomes red – this is just the blood flow increasing through the area.

To see if the Gua sha is working – take a photo before you start the routine, and after using it every day for 3 months – take another photo – can you see a difference?

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