Launching at the end of May....Fit for 2 PRO! - Rebalance Chinese Medicine

The Launch of Fit for 2 Pro is just about here!

Im super excited that we are launching this baby FIT FOR 2 PRO next week.

So if you are conceiving, pregnant or a new mum then this program is for you. A safe place to be educated and for you to become empowered of your journey.
This program is designed by a Midwife and mum and group fitness trainer for pre and postnatal women and backed with a team of experts including:

Midwife and Nurse
Metabolic Nutrition
Yoga instructor
Fitness specialists
Chinese medicine
And loads of tips and tricks, advice, research and more.

And so much more still to come.
And yes we will be offering foundation rates for the first 50 ladies whom sign up.. you dont want to miss out.
To obtain exclusive access to the list sign up with the link below and we will email you as soon as the doors open 🤩🤩🤩 #fitfor2pro #nutrition #motherhood #gymstick #fitandhealthy#fitmum #myjourney #pregnancyexercise #babybump #pregnant #conceiving #postbirth#srchealth #midwife #midwives #srchealth #pilates #fitness #empower #yoga #pilates#fertility #chinesemedicine #accupuncture #meditation

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