Where’s my brain? It’s all foggy…I cant think!

Better focus using acupressure points

Brain fog, fuzzy mind, tired in the head – all of these symptoms can be relieved with acupressure. Chinese medicine offers us many acupoints that “clear the mind.”

5 Acupoints to Clear the Mind

1. Du (Governing Vessel) 20

2. Four Extra points Si Chen Cong

These five acupressure points are easy to use and offer immediate relief from brain fog. First, I will show you how to locate them, and then I will explain how to use Meridian Massage to get the best results.

How to locate Du 20

Du 20 is on the centerline of the head, even with the tips of the ears. Refer to the images below:

Step 1 – feel these reference lines on the head.

Now that you have the reference lines figured out, locate Du 20:

Si Shen Cong

Si Shen Cong is actually a set of four points surrounding Du 20. (Extra points are not located on meridians.) Si Shen Cong means “Four-Alert Spirit.” (A Manual of Acupuncture, Deadman et. al.)

Each point is 1 cun (an inch) from the sides, front, and back of Du 20. Refer to the image below:

Massage to clear brain fog.

Apply gentle, yet firm pressure, to each of these points. I like to add tiny circular movements by keeping my contact steady while making little “micro circles.” Explore each point, breathe, explore and allow the energy (Qi) to flow.

If you are massaging these points on another person, add in a little foot massage at the end to balance the flow of Qi from head to foot.

Drinking some green tea or peppermint tea can also assist to help with brain fog and improve concentration.

Massage the points as often as needed. Make sure that you also take regular breaks away from studying, looking at computer screens, and reading. If you do find yourself losing concentration and feeling foggy, press these points and go for a short walk.

With thanks to Cynthia Black. 

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