The Rebalance clinic rooms are located  within Renew Health and Acupuncture on a Monday, and Etham Health and Wellness Centre on a Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Eltham Health and Wellness is located within Thompson’s Pharmacy Eltham. It is located in the green leafy suburb of Eltham and right on the doorstep of the Eltham train station and bus service. There are also numerous cafes’s around Eltham  to sit and relax in after your treatment.

The  treatment room itself has soft light and is a cosy, serene, nurturing and a safe treatment space, adorned with salt lamps and crystals to aid energetic balancing and enhance the ambience.

Renew Health and Acupuncture clinic is located at Diamond Village shopping centre and has an abundance of parking. It is easily accessible from Watsonia train station. Renew Health and Acupuncture has just opened in Diamond Village and we cater for all ages from babies to retirees.

Both clinics offer multi-modalities so that we can enhance your overall well-being, vitality and health.

To book use the following:

Book at Eltham Health and Wellness

Book at Renew Health and Acupuncture