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What is bursitis? What are my treatment options? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions then join us as we explore bursitis together with Dr Eve (tcm) as she outlines her knowledge, experience, and a clinical case study. From medication to acupuncture and other manual therapies, bursitis has a range of treatment options so let’s start finding the right one for you!

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Using the Pulse as a Diagnostic Tool

In Chinese Medicine, the pulse is a complex diagnostic tool – and no, we aren’t just feeling for your heart rate! There are actually six distinct pulses we are observing during your consult. Each one corresponds to one of the Zang organs (the organs with the responsibility of storing, transforming, and transporting our qi and essence).

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The vagal Nerve is the key to improving our overall health. Simple breathing techniques can turn on the vagal nerve - reducing stress, cortisol, improving sleep and digestion and increasing our immune system.

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