Here are 3 commonly used acupuncture points which will provide an energy boost:


Stomach 36 Why use stomach 36?

Stomach 36 is an excellent point to boost up energy levels, boost the immune system and assist with boosting up your inner vitality.

 To find the point, as seen in the picture place your hand on the :eye” of the knee and have your 4 fingers facing down, come off the tibia bone slightly and fall into the gap. This is ST36. To assist with increasing your energy rub this point clockwise on both legs, 3 times a day for 1 minute each time. Its known in China as the longevity point!


Large intestine 11

Large intestine 11 is used in lethargy, pain in the arm and also to boost energy. Like stomach 36 its location taps into a large sea of energy and when pressed, it also releases serotonin and dopamine.
To find the point, flex the elbow up to 90 degrees, the point is at the tip of the crease on elbow (when the arm points outwards)



Conception Vessel 17

This point is located in the centre of the chest, midway between the nipples.

It is an important point to increase “qi” in the body and taps into the qi of the body and increases energy all over the body. This point is also great to use for asthma, coughing, shortness of breath or a feeling of heaviness in the chest.

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